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Residential garage doors are usually plain and are made of white metal and have a standard block design. It also has a couple of eye level windows. One must be aware of the fact that residential garage door repairs are not a light issue and it requires the assistance of a professional.Garage Door Service

One must not be under the assumption that it can be handled easily and try to tackle it oneself. This could lead to severe consequences and could even prove to be fatal. Garage door repair, Milpitas, CA of Santa Clara County installs the garage door perfectly and ensures monthly service too. Once a month the garage door requires certain servicing and with effective and regular servicing there will be absolutely no problem with the garage door. The processes involved in the monthly servicing are:

  • Cleaning of the garage door
  • Lubricating it properly
  • Tightening of the tracks, springs and all the loose parts as well

This will ensure the effective working of the garage door. However if the power supply to the residential garage door is not intact it might lead to improper working of the garage door. Problems like partial opening or closing might occur. To avoid all this monthly servicing is definitely required. Our team of executives will make sure the door is checked and serviced every month. This again leaves our customers overwhelmed as they do not have to worry about garage door repairs in future.

If the residential garage door has to be replaced that can also be arranged and we can guide you select the best option. If any issue arises with your garage door you can contact our team anytime and they will be ready to help you. Garage door repair, Milpitas, CA of Santa Clara County can fix about any issue like:

Trained technicians helps to choose Right openers

  • Cable replacement
  • Door replacement
  • Routine maintenance
  • Spring replacement
  • Door window replacement
  • Door section replacement
  • Realignment and repair of the track
  • Tightening of track, springs and loose spare parts
  • Installing and repair of the garage door opener
  • Proper lubrication

Garage door repair, Milpitas, CA of Santa Clara County specializes in repair service and that is the reason as to why our clients are happy with us.

Every home owner would want their garage door to look good. There are several different residential garage doors available for one to select.

  • Insulated doors
  • Steel doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Carriage style doors
  • Bone yard doors
  • Environmental friendly doors or green doors
  • Ranch style doors
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