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Garage Door Springs

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There are two main types of garage door springs in Milpitas that you may come across when examining garage doors in the area. These include torsion springs and extension springs. Extension springs are the most common for single stall garage doors, stretching alongside both overhead tracks. Torsion springs, on the other hand, are usually mounted directly above the garage door and are wound rather than stretched. There are pros and cons to both types of springs, depending on the door and opener that you have in place. Over time, these springs may snap or need maintenance, in which case you will need the help of a garage door contractor to put them back into place.Garage Door Springs

Some of the various types of repairs that may be necessary when it comes to garage door springs in Milpitas can include the following:

*Broken Spring Repair
*Garage Door Spring Repair
*Fix Garage Door Spring
*Broken Spring Replacement
*Torsion Spring Repair
*Extension Spring Repair

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace torsion spring or extension springs, if the repairs don't work or the spring has basically snapped.

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It's always best to leave these types of repairs in the hands of professionals, because it can be dangerous to attempt to replace springs on your own. Garage doors can be heavy, leading to injuries when those who have no experience try to repair them. It's a better idea to use the services of our team of professionals, who have years of experience working with Milpitas garage door springs. The first step towards getting started is to figure out what type of springs your garage door is using, and arrange for a site evaluation so that our contractors can figure out whether you are merely in need of basic maintenance, or could benefit from full repair and reinstallation of a new spring system.

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